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Hey Cutie Pie!!

Happy New Year Everyone!! - I hope that 2017 brings you Renewed Spirit, Joy & a Very Healthy Body!


ISSA Certified Personal Trainer



Winter is being very gentle in Maryland so far!!
With shorter days and less light, please stay safe on your outdoor walks or run during full daylight. Plan your day to take advantage of the daylight hours.
Especially for the Ladies, extra lights outside your home are a great idea. The $5 solar lights that you can use to light up your path from the car are a very wise investment.

If you haven't been to a gym in a while, please don't worry. We have all started somewhere and here at our gym, PPT, we have a small group of very nice people. You will see every level of fitness here. The main thing is to get started with improving your health. You will be amazed at how quickly you start really feeling stronger & more healthy. I often hear my clients complain that "my pants are too big now" when they suddenly realize that the progress is right there in the mirror.

Fitness Training for Results requires a good workout at least 3 times a week. However, you need to be Motivated and Challenged to stay focused and “on task”. You also need the workouts to be Interesting... "How boring is a treadmill?"

My job is to make sure that every time we meet YOU get the best workout possible. My passion for fitness is a mainstay of my life and I want to pass that passion on to you. Once you discover your body’s potential for health, strength and performance, there is no turning back. Not to mention the compliments that you will be getting, right?

Please check out my latest set of training video clipsMonkeySee.com is a very cool place to learn about many subjects from experts with short video clips.

No more excuses! You can do this. Sunshine = Energy & Vitamin D.  Be sure to keep it Fun ~ let stress roll of your shoulders & Get to the Gym.

Setting Goals for yourself is very important and I encourage YOU to write them down and let me help to get you there. I highly recommend talking about goals often and keeping yourself focused and on track.

I can help you get there, that is what I do!

 E-mail: charlotte_pt1@comcast.net


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